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Weight Management with Hypnotherapy

Over eating or binge eating can often be related to an emotional based issue. Sometimes, when we feel depressed, guilty, sad, unhappy, worried or even just bored, we can turn to food for comfort.

Problems with weight control can often also be attributed to a learned behaviour or related to our past experiences.

What hypnotherapy can do is to help you change the way you feel about yourself and also about specific situations. We can work together to find those triggers that spark your unwanted behaviour, specifically binge eating. Once we have found them, we can use hypnotherapy to change your response to these triggers leading to changes in your behaviour which will put you back in control of what you eat.

All my sessions are tailored to you as an individual. We will work with the positive reasons you have for wishing to control your weight to make sure this is a permanent solution (unlike many diets!)